December 2021

EUVEPRO welcomes call from France & Austria for a European plant-‎based protein strategy

In their joint declaration, Agricultural Ministers Julien Denormandie (France) and Elisabeth Köstinger (Austria) have called on the European Commission to implement a European protein strategy, which would support the Green Deal and Farm to Fork policy goals. This builds upon the 2018 European Commission report on the promising development of plant proteins in the European Union.

Having established their own national protein strategies, both France and Austria ask the European Commission to increase efforts and leverage Member States’ initiatives to boost sustainable food production, to which plant-based proteins can make an important contribution. As pointed out by the two ministers in their declaration, “developing the production of plant-based proteins in Europe remains one of the most efficient ways to counter both environmental and climate challenges”.

As the association representing manufacturers of plant-based protein ingredients for human consumption, EUVEPRO welcomes this declaration and echoes the relevance of plant-based proteins in a sustainable food supply chain. Our sector is ready to contribute to this transition by providing high quality and versatile plant-based protein ingredients. Moreover, EUVEPRO would like to highlight the importance to increase processing capacity of protein crops in Europe, supported by research and innovation, and to encourage plant-based foods as part of a balanced and healthy diet.

A market study commissioned by EUVEPRO in 2021 demonstrates the economic potential of plant-based proteins with double digit annual growth in the plant-protein food & beverage market in Europe. This dynamic market is increasingly attracting diversified sources of plant proteins such as rice, potato and pulse proteins, in addition to the more established proteins from wheat, soy and pea.

The next few years are crucial to put in place a comprehensive European plant-based protein strategy in order to make a positive impact on the environment and to meet the growing demand of consumers for plant-protein based foods and beverages.



EUVEPRO is the European Vegetable Protein Association, representing the interests of manufacturers ‎of plant-based proteins for human consumption in Europe. Founded in 1977, EUVEPRO gathers the key players in the plant-based protein supply, providing high quality ingredients that are used in a large variety of foods consumed daily. EUVEPRO ‎promotes innovation and the role & benefits of these ingredients as part of a healthy diet.     

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